Branding and online presence


Branding, motion graphics, graphic design (digital), clothing design and website design.


ATV is a group of close knit friends from Milton Keynes, united through the love for snowboarding who document the adventures that surrounded their snowboard life. 


ATV required digital assets, as well as a website, in order to promote their group and sell their videos.


In 2002 I was a budding snowboarder, with an interest in web and graphic design, so a couple of my friends and I decided to combine all of our talents into the Alternative Snowboard Crew, later becoming the ATV Crew. I had a big influence over the brand design, image and marketing of the group, while working closely with my friend, Tom Elliott (A Common Future) who filmed and edited all the content. During my time I created many websites, the brand identity, clothing design and a means to help promote the crew. This included imagery, animation and marketing across the snowboard industry. I also supported Tom Elliott as a second filmer and helped edit some of the films we made. Through all this most of the group became sponsored, appearing in many articles across the industry’s magazines, receiving free product and exponentially grew their exposure.










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