Branding a recruitment agency

Bateman Fox


Visual identity

Bateman Fox is a specialist IT recruitment agency from Milton Keynes offering contingency recruitment services. Finding themselves within a saturated market, they were struggling to win business.


Bateman Fox required a way to stand out from their competition and win business within Milton Keynes’ competitive recruitment market. As a new company, Bateman Fox required a standout visual identity which would help grow their brand and win business.

Users & audience

The target users for this brand were primarily recruiters from large corporates who were looking to fulfil IT positions within their respective companies. This audience group had a preference for modern design and to the point information. The second user group were potential candidates looking for work in the IT industry. This audience group had a preference for detail, where the design was secondary to the information.

My role

I was hired as a Designer, tasked with creating their visual identity and finding a way the brand could stand out in the recruitment market. I reported directly to the brand’s owner, who gave full creative license as to how the brand would look.

Visual identity

When Bateman Fox approached me, they already had a good idea as to where they wanted their brand to go, but as the recruitment industry is so fast paced, they didn’t have the time to think about what their visual identity could look like. I started by running a workshop with the brand’s owner and ascertaining the values they attributed the brand and also their preference in logo design. The easy choice was playing on the word ‘Fox’ for an image as foxes are street smart, something the owner liked to attribute to the brand. As foxes are orange, I made use of an orange pantone, communicating a friendly tone of warmth, excitement, motivation and encouragement – all values the owner had identified in the workshop. After the logo was refined and signed off by the owner, I used the new visual identity to create their business cards, office documentation and other branded merchandise.


Once Bateman Fox started using their visual identity, they quickly made an impact within the recruitment industry and their amount of their recruitment placements grew exponentially. The owner was extremely pleased with the outcome, as Bateman Fox continue to be one of the fastest growing recruitment agencies in Milton Keynes.

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