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For Boarders By Boarders


Visual identity, UI design, marketing & advertisement

For Boarders By Boarders (FBBB) is a travelling community event in the extreme sports industries, combining riding, music, art and fashion, while aiming at the grass roots to support growth.


FBBB required a way to market themselves, the meaning behind their brand and their events in order to grow their presence and reach more skiers and snowboarders. This included creation and management of digital assets, work on their visual identity and all their marketing material. They also required a second hand for the Managing Director to be onsite and supporting their events as required.

Users & audience

The target users for this brand were primarily winter sports customers who ski and snowboard at indoor slopes around the UK. These users have a strong preference of value for money and for inclusivity. The secondary user group were a wider audience who were interested in skateboarding, surfing, music and art culture.

My role

I was hired as a Creative Director, tasked with building brand presence and overseeing the design and deployment of the website, reporting directly to the Managing Director. This included responsibilities such as the brand’s visual identity, the website’s UI design and to consult on the marketing direction for the brand, providing design services as required. Beyond this, I was tasked with running the events and being on site whenever they were occurring. This included hands on responsibilities such as setting up and taking down of event stands, flags, banners etc. park building and judging any competitions.

Visual identity

After receiving the brief from the Managing Director, I sourced a graphic designer to pull together the logo while I worked on the overall visual identity for the brand. The colour palette chosen was an eclectic mix of bold colours in order to communicate diversity, however, the main colour chosen for the brand was a sky blue which communicates trust, loyalty and confidence. For the typeface, a bold stencil font was used for titling to create impact, the font chosen was Capture It. For text, the typeface Arial was chosen, as all computers have this font should anyone from the community want to contribute any design work. The Managing Director signed off on a logo that combined snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding as well as a tour bus. I took the logo and combined with the direction of the visual identity, I created brand guidelines.

UI design

With the visual identity signed off by the Managing Director, I began work on the brand’s website. First, I ran analysis on both direct and analogous competitors and from it created a prototype in Illustrator and placed it in InVision. I then ran a workshop with the Managing Director and other senior members of the brand to refine the prototype. Once everyone was onboard, I then sourced a web developer and worked alongside them to turn the prototype into a working website placed in WordPress. Once the site was complete, and as it relied on continual new content, I worked on creating a user guide so that multiple users could easily understand how to log in and create new posts as required.

Marketing & advertisement

As part of the marketing for the brand, I created consistency in their social channels following the brand guidelines, this included Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Vimeo and SoundCloud. I then worked with events team to design all their assets, including the print design for flags, banners and other merchandise required at the events. The last piece of marketing that I worked on were the flyers, both printed and digital, which helped to promote all the events.


Before working with FBBB they were a low-key snowboard event that occurred a few times a year in the Milton Keynes snow dome, as a result of my input the brand expanded rapidly. The event was taken to all six of the snow domes in the UK and they also expanded into skateboarding, surfing and other events. FBBB ran a number of setups at music festivals, which included demos by professional skaters on a skate ramp alongside a tent setup as a dance floor showcasing up and coming acts. They also collaborated with artists to run a number of art shows at various locations around London. The snowboard events were taken onto the continent to European snow domes in France and the Netherlands, as well as outdoors on slopes in the Alps and the Pyrenees. FBBB continues to be a market leading force in the snow, skate and surf community.

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