Uniting a nation


Branding, graphic design (digital & print), clothing design, social media marketing and website design.


For Boarders By Boarders (FBBB) is a travelling community event in the extreme sports industries, combining riding, music, art and fashion, while aiming at the grass roots to support growth.  


FBBB required a way to market themselves and the meaning behind their brand including the creation of digital assets and support at their events.


FBBB approached me, to not only get involved, but also to give back to the snowboard industry. As a keen snowboarder, interested in brand design, this was an easy decision to make. I was originally hired as a web and graphics designer to give FBBB web presence and help market their brand and events. Throughout my time I helped shape the brand and give it online presence, as well as supporting the events through social marketing, park shaping, clothing design and being on their stands to engage with the customer base and promote their message. Although FBBB was based out of London, the work took me all over the United Kingdom and into Europe. This included all the UK snow domes, many skate parks, surf events and music festivals.









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