Creating a freestyle map


Illustration and graphic design (digital).


Snozone is an indoor ski slope, part of the Xscape leisure complex. They have two venues within the UK.


Snozone required a way in which to communicate their park layout to customers to help drive ticket sales for their weekly event.


Being a customer of the Snozone’s freestyle nights, it was easy for me to approach and complete this challenge. As there was little to go on to understand the park layout until actually arriving at the venue I was approached by the freestyle manager to create something that would quickly communicate what customers would expect from the event. This had to include not just the layout of the slope but the type of features and account for quick changes – the important point being detail and the communication of it. I started by creating an illustration of the slope, which acted as the base for all the park plans, and then illustrated all their slope features. It was then decided that PowerPoint would be used to house the illustrations so that the client could easily drag and drop features to quickly export a weekly park plan.






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