Giving a community an image


Branding, graphic design (digital & print), motion graphics, clothing design, film and photography.


SZMSF stands for the Snozone Massif an eclectic community of freestyle snowboarders who ride regularly at Snozone in Milton Keynes, UK. 


SZMSF required brand identity to represent their community to be used on a number of channels and a strategy to help the community grow.


This project started as an idea to represent the freestyle community at the local snow slope in Milton Keynes and grew into a local home grown brand. I was involved from its conception and helped to strategise its image and message, as well as its scalability. I started by creating the brand image and WhatsApp channel in order to give the community an image and a means in which it could begin to grow. The next step was to get more members into the group, as snowboarders love stickers and representation, getting a heap of vinyl stickers printed and handed out for free, help to drive the brand presence. I have since created all its digital assets, for their marketing, events and clothing. I also filmed and edited a YouTube mini series to help with their online presence and event sales, inevitably pushing the community to grow.









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