Building impactful presence in a saturated market


Branding, graphic design (print) and office documentation.


TJ Gas is an independent sole trader providing plumbing and heating services in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas.


As a relatively new company, TJ Gas required brand identity and a strategy in which to grow their brand, allowing them to quickly stand out in an already saturated market.


TJ Gas gave full creative license as to how the brand would look and grow. All they knew was that they needed an identity in order to drive their business. I started by creating a logo that was friendly, confident and communicated exactly what they do. I made an icon which combined both a drip and a flame, representing plumbing and heating respectively. The next step was to understand their marketing channels and create impact. I created their business cards and van decals. However, to help them stand out they requested plastic cards, which were not only waterproof, but also would not deteriorate over time. Finally the last service provided was to help create all their branded documentation. After research into the legal requirements of a plumbing and heating company, I pulled together all the material into branded office documents.






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